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* You will need to edit the below template to personalise to your circumstances*

It is time for the the HSE to be held accountable for the crisis in Children's Disability Services.


1) Copy and personalise below template

2) Schedule to send on THURSDAY 21st April 2022 9AM to


Dear Mr Reid and Mr O'Regan, My name is (NAME) and I am contacting you on behalf of my child. (CHILD NAME) has been in the care of the HSE since (his/her/their) diagnosis in (YEAR). (CHILD NAME) requires (INSERT THERAPIES/SURGERIES and EQUIPMENT) as outlined in their care plan. To date (CHILD) has received (NO/insufficient/ x amount) of intervention. As a result (CHILD) struggles with (Choose or add eg: ADLs, eating/drinking, pain, communication, mobility, anxiety, mental health, learning, sensory dysregulation, self injury etc.). (CHILD) is in (CHO NUMBER) and has an estimated waiting time of (INSERT TIME). (We/I) cannot afford to wait any longer. (We/I) feel (HE/SHE/THEY) are being willfully neglected by the HSE who fail to hold anyone accountable for the Children's Disability Services Crisis. The HSE have grossly underfunded and ignored the disabled and neurodiverse community for too long. Your approach is short sighted and clinical. (CHILD NAME) will grow into a disabled adult who will require more support if you fail to address this issue. (We/I) demand accountability and an actionable plan that addresses the inadequate provision of services. Regards, (NAME)

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