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What if the HSE was a Parent? By Ruairi McGrath

What if the HSE was a Parent?

That child would suffer the most. Neglected throughout their lives for every service required for them.  If the HSE had a child with a physical disability, they would argue that yes my child is disabled, but not disabled enough to warrant a helping hand. Sure, my child is fine bum shuffling around the floor. At least she can move.   If the HSE was a parent, it would ignore its child's screams for therapy. If its child could not speak they would say at least the child can mumble. If the child hits her head off the ground repeatedly out of frustration? It's answer is to put a pillow under her and leave her be. If the HSE had a child in need of desperate surgery to help her walk? They would say what's the rush? Sure she's not going anywhere.   If the HSE parent needed a break because of stress, lack of sleep or lack of hope where would that parent turn??  Would they  just drop the child at a relatives for the night? A relative unqualified, inexperienced, unable to handle the tantrums, physicality and medication needs?   If the HSE was a parent, the child would be lucky to get into a suitable school. If the HSE was a parent, the child would suffer on so many social, emotional and physical elements of life. If the HSE was a parent, would their mental health suffer because of the battle going on in requiring the services needed, the constant battle in trying to raise their child? Or would they pawn off their child's problems to any other department?  The HSE's children would have such a bleak future and would become the forgotten children of our society If the HSE was a parent a neglectful parent it would be.

*Written by Ruairi McGrath, parent and service user*

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