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Invite your Local Reps/TDs to Demo on June 11th

Dear (NAME) My name is (Name) and I am a constituent and registered voter in (Town/City). I am a parent/carer to a child accessing disability services. On June 11th, in conjunction with FUSS (Families Unite for Services and Support) I am attending the 2nd National Day of Action to demand urgent review of Progressing Disability Services. I ask, as a representative of my community, that you attend (Location and time) and stand with us in support of over 100k neurodiverse and di


FUSS is a space designed to highlight the shambles that is the Progressing Disability Services. After gathering data via a survey, we found that the average wait for access to services is 2-3 years. This is simply not acceptable. Our government have repeatedly ignored our plight. FUSS in conjunction with several Dublin based Neurodiversity and Disability groups have decided to plan a National Day of Action. ** ALL DISABILITY COMMUNITIES & GROUPS WELCOME ** The 2 dates we are

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