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Basic Questions to ask your CDNT/ Primary Care Provider?

What waitlists or pathways is my child on? What is the wait time for these pathways?

Are these pathways staffed?

What kind of intervention can I expect for my child?

Universal, Targeted or Individual ( See Tiered Model Approach Post for more)

Who is my child's Key Worker/Key Contact? How do I contact them? If they don't have one, why not? Who do I contact instead?

What is your current staff caseload ratio? Is this in line with best practice? What is being done to maintain or improve these ratios?

How many vacancies do you currently have? Which disciplines or positions are vacant? Are they advertised?

Do you keep families up to date on groups/webinars/courses running?

If so, how can I sign up for updates?

Is your Family Forum established? If so, how can I get involved? If not, what's the timeline for its establishment?

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Edwina McElhinney
Edwina McElhinney
16 feb 2023

Brilliant. Well done guys 💗

Me gusta
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