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AAC- Augmentative and Alternative Communication

ABA- Applied Behaviour Analysis

ADL - Activities of Daily Living

ANA - Additional Needs Assistant

AIMS - Access and Inclusion Model

AMO - Area Medical Officer

AON – Assessment of Need

AT - Assisted Technology

BCBA - Board Certified Behavioural Analyst

CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

CBA- Community Based Assessment

CCPT - Child Centered Play Therapy

CDNM- Children’s Disability Network Manager

CDNT – Children’s Disability Network Team

CDNTIMS - Information Management System (in CDNT)

CHO – Community Health Organisation

CORU – Multi-profession Health Regulator

DA - Disability Allowance

DARE - Disability Access Route to Education

DCA- Domiciliary Care Allowance

DCEDIY - Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth

DOE - Department of Education

DPO - Disabled Persons Organisation

DSS - Decision Support Service

Dx - Diagnosis

EPSEN- Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs

FCP- Family Centered Practice

FEDS – Feeding, Eating, Drinking, Swallowing Difficulties

FOI - Freedom of Information

FRC - Family Resource Centre

HSCP - Health & Social Care Professionals

HSE – Health Service Executive

ICSF - Integrated Children's Services Forum

IEP - Individual Education Plan

IFSP – Individual Family Support Plan

IHREC - Irish Human Rights Equality Commission

IWD - Individual with Disability

KPI- Key Performance Indicator

MDT – Multidisciplinary Team

MH - Mental Health

(M)SW - (Medical) Social Work

NAP - National Access Policy

NCSE - National Council for Special Education

NDA - National Disability Authority

NEPS - National Education Psychology Service

NGO - NON Governmental Organisation

OT- Occupational Therapy

OP- Optional Protocol (related to UNCRPD)

PBA – Play Based Assessment

PBS - Positive Behavioural Support

PCA - Personal Care Assistant

PDS – Progressing Disability Services

PC- Primary Care

PCC – Primary Care Centre

PECS - Picture Exchange Communication System

PT - Physical Therapy

PWD- Persons with Disability

RAG - Resource Allocation Group

RACE - Reasonable Accommodations in Certificate Examinations

SCPA - Scheme for Commissioning Psychology Assessments (NEPS related)

SEN(D) - Special Educational Needs (Disabilities)

SENCO - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

SENO - Special Educational Needs Organiser

SET - Special Education Teacher

SLT/SALT – Speech and Language Therapy

SSP - Student Support Plan

UNCRPD - United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities

WTE – Whole Time Equivalent

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