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Born to Love By Amy Lynch

I see the fear in your eyes, the ache in your heart. On the hardest day understand that love and effort will play the most crucial part.

I see you trying and fighting.

And Dear God, I know that feeling in the playground,

Your chest tightening.

I see you getting on their level and trying to read their cues.

Hoping and praying that this time you won't lose.

I see your worry mamma and I feel your pain.

I too have felt every single ounce of self blame.

I see those days where the fight is so much. That you can't physically bare one more touch.

Your frustration and heartache is so real and raw.

Mamma please don't cry.

I know that you didn't expect any of this - at all.

I know that feeling of being so alone.

To be so scared to even leave your home.

For your beautiful baby to be seen as "different" and not unique.

To be told by professionals that the future is bleak.

I also know there is ALWAYS a light. That shines brighter than you ever believed it might.

The first word, the first real hug, the first time your eyes TRUELY meet.

The first sign, the first wave.

Its the smallest things we crave.

In a system that is set up for parents failure, we will rise and speak freely in private groups - they're our saviour.

Your mission now - To advocate and to protect. Together we'll tear down the shackles this country intended to set.

We will rise and we'll rise until the system breaks, the parents of these children have love and dedication that WILL NOT break.

I am fully aware I have lost myself in this plight - its worth it to me to make sure my child has a life.

A life full of every chance and opportunity. I mean, What more can us parents want for them?

I too have been told I'm a crazy mother who just cannot cope.

Just give me your hand mamma - let me give you some hope.

The sleepless nights, the breathless worry. Ending up inside hospitals and Doctor's offices in a flurry.

The forms, Oh those terrible forms and the misplaced hate on those people who simply cannot and will never relate.

You have been chosen, the job begins.


Even though my girl is just 4 years old she's got herself a village that knows her worth in gold.

Keep fighting, keep crying out for someone to listen. Let's make sure these children of ours will not be missing!

I am but one woman on the shoulders of giants. I've been torn down, put back together and now -


So stand up right now and make them listen.

Remember, This life of ours is now a mission.

In the history books is where we will rest. Every last word they will protest.

The most special of needs they have chosen to forget.





We seek a government more accepting of diversity.

A government understanding of where they have failed not one that hides the paper trail.

And one day Mamma you can rest. Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you have done your best.

Your baby will be happy, your baby will be set, on the very best path YOU helped them get.

And thanks to you Mamma when the sun goes down - after another daily battle of fighting these clowns.

Please always remember your little one knows,

Your Value and Your Love For those tiny toes.

You were born to love and now you fight.

For our babies, the therapies and for a full and happy life!

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