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#PrioritiseKolbe Email Protest

Please edit the following and email;

Extra emails/ Laois TDs;

Schedule to send THURS 30th March 2023 @ 9am.

Dear Minister,

I am writing to you to highlight my concerns regarding Kolbe Special School, Portloaise.

As you are aware, the accommodation is unsuitable and unsafe. The walls and ceilings are leaking and riddled with damp. The children have no access to a sensory room nor do they have a suitable space to do physical exercise. The staff have no access to storage space and the halls are barely wide enough to navigate a wheelchair through.

We learned recently that despite a decade of promising an appropriate and safe building for the 43 beautiful children attending Kolbe, the build has been paused. The staff and families have recieved little communication or sufficient explanation from your Department despite their numerous requests.

The children and staff of Kolbe Special School deserve a warm, safe space to receive their education. Yet again, our disabled community are treated as less than. Their education and health matters.

I am calling on you to #PrioritiseKolbe and meet with the staff and parents immediately. I, along with many others, will support their call to protest if you fail to act. Furthermore, I will address this with members of your party when an election rolls around.



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