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Robert Watt Email Template


1) Words in brackets indicate that you choose the one relevant to you

2) Schedule Email to send to And

on FRIDAY August 5th 2022 9AM

3) Subject Title; For the Attention of Robert Watt

Dear Secretary Watt,

I am writing as {a member of the disabled community /parent of a disabled or neurodivergent child). Minister Donnelly has failed to interact with us despite numerous attempts. He has deflected to Minister Rabbitte and deemed her input more appropriate. Having interacted with Minister Rabbitte and following her work, it is clear that her attempts to advocate for (me/us/our children) (has/have) been obstructed. This weekend, we learned that the deadline for transfer of Children’s Disability Services out of your department has been delayed, again.

You, as Secretary General of The Department of Health, are tasked with improving health outcomes, governance oversight to ensure accountable and high-quality services, collaboration to achieve health priorities, developing knowledge and skills of staff and ensuring proper use of resources to guarantee provision of cost-effective public services.

As a (member of a disabled community/ parent of a disabled or neurodivergent child), I can confidently say you are not delivering. Hundreds of thousands of disabled children are being failed daily.

I could list (my own/my child’s) support needs and the challenges they face daily without adequate healthcare but frankly I doubt you’d be affected.

I urge you to act and resolve the ongoing PDS/Disability Care Crisis. Please hold the HSE accountable for their failures. Our community cannot wait until September for yet another Recruitment Strategy presentation. We demand action.

Kind Regards,

(name and county)

Image: Sam Boal @

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